Rendez-vous with Billecart Salmon and Cezanne

A special mix between art and Champagne.

How to spend a lovely afternoon reading about Cezanne an incredible French artists and having a glass or a bottle of @champagne_billecart_salmon today Billecart Salmon organized the second rendezvous and I thought it was the right day to enjoy a great Champagne during my reading.

When I think about Paul Cezanne the first thought that comes to my head is the south of France and a beautiful sunny day. Cezanne was born in 1839 in Aix-en-Provence, France, he was considered as the link between Impressionism and Post impressionism.

So why would Cezanne remind me of what I’m drinking today… the first reason is the south of France is well known for amazing rose wine and this is exactly what you would drink on a great afternoon.

The second is one of the areas in the south of Champagne is called cote de Sezanne and, in this area, you will usually get grapes fruitier than what you find in the north of Champagne. Cote de Sezanna and Cezanne are not related however it make me highly think that somehow, they are…

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