Laurent Perrier rosé

A bottle of champagne is not only about the inside but also how do you look from the outside…

Laurent Perrier kept the tradition of the cage for the rosé cuvée since years and now they decided to also apply it to the Grand siècle cuvée.

The Maison Laurent Perrier has started the rosé cuvée in 1968. Thanks to Bernard de Nonancourt who found his inspiration from the period of the King Henri IV when they were having stumpy bottles.

 and there is only few major Maison that propose the same method of making this beautiful rosé.

This method is called rosé de saignée, I will share with you more details about the different kind of rosé you could find in Champagne.

The rosé is made from 100% Pinot Noir grapes from different cru villages.

When you can be pretty from the outside and inside you will make a lot of people fall in love with you…

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